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Take your carrier in your hands and get         free-international education in Germany

starting from April 2021

A well-known German company for health and senior care, is developing projects in Greece and looking for 10 young persons interested in health care career.

The paid apprenticeship program starts April 2021 in Germany. 



  1.  It is 3 year program 

  2. Takes place in Germany

  3. It is study and education with on-the-job training

  4. Offers European recognized degree in health care to work in any country

  5. Secure stable income from day one according to German law

  6. With full insurance and social security

  7. Assistance with relocation & travel 

  8. Free housing provided

  9. Job placement guarantee in Greece or in Germany after successfully completing the program   




This program is a paid study and education program with on-the-job training. According to the Nursing Profession Reform Act from January 2020, the geriatric, ill- and child nursing training has been combined into a generalist nursing training.   


The program consisting of school and training-on-the-job units takes 3 years and ends after successful exam with a degree in health care. This degree is valid in any European country and allows you to work in hospitals and care units as a nurse. 

The program is free of charge and you will receive a monthly income during the apprenticeship.


According to German law the payment increases after each year as follows:

  • In the 1st year:   912€ + social security and all insurances 

  • In the 2nd year:  961€ + social security and all insurances 

  • In the 3rd year: 1042€ + social security and all insurances 

All social security and health insurance is paid during the 3 year education and you are protected by the German law.

You will also receive free housing offered by the company which includes studios for use that will offer you the comfort of living.

The training to become a nurse offers a particularly wide range of possible applications; people with a qualification can work in all inpatient and outpatient health care facilities


Another plus point: the new qualification is automatically recognized throughout the European Union.

This makes it possible to work in other EU countries.

  • Minimum age of 18 years (no age limit)

  • Basic knowledge of German Language B2 (can be obtained in 3-5 month in Greece)

  • Completion ten-year general school education

  • Interested in care and nursery carrier in an international surrounding with great future possibilities.

Our development of assisted living in Greece with local Greek partners, for German and Greek citizens started in 2019. 

As Greece offers the Mediterranean climate with all the cultural and natural values and attractions, it is well known as holiday destination among German citizens. But a study shows clearly a great interest of elderly Germans wishing to spend they senior years in the place they were once coming for holidays. This leads to a perfect combination and we as senior care experts do focus on guarantee the living standards and highest care level according to German standards with the quality of living Greece offers. 


Therefor not only placing facilities in Greece but a close exchange with architectural teams and care management professionals is involved in the ongoing development project. Educating our own professionals through an apprenticeship program gives young persons the possibility to learn and obtain the knowledge in theories and praxis in the environment where we have been caring and providing assisted living to Germans for seniors since over 20 years. It provides a financial security and social safety during the education of 3 years.

And we guarantee each participant that successfully finishes the program to have the possibilities to  work in our German or Greek facilities.


Sharing and transferring our knowledge and experiences to secure the best quality and reliability of services according to our highest standards is our main focus.



If you are a nurse already and wish to work with us, we will be happy to find the right placement for you

If you wish to work as a medical nurse or care giver in Germany we can offer you positions amongst our partners facilities in Germany such as hospitals, rehabilitation centers and elderly care houses.

Ether short or long term contracts in any regions of Germany are offered and we will assist you with all administrative questions and information you need.


The opportunity

to earn while you learn.

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